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About Me

A system designer & programmer, who's passionate about their projects, perhaps a slight workaholic. With more than 10 years of experience in programming, and freelance jobs for various teams whilst also doing and developing my system design skills through a passion and a desire to learn.

Recently i have been training my art skills, and doing a few commissions in terms of 2d thematic portraits, high resolution desktop wallpapers and sketches. And is actively attempting to further my own personal goals on this front. 

I am proficient in several coding languages, here among are:
C#, C++, Java, HTML5, CSS, PHP, jScript & mySql

More about me:
I live in my own steady household, with a good handle on economy. In terms of development teams, i often prefer to work solo on tasks rather than in a team. However i understand and have experience with team dynamics, and a strong voice to share in the development process, while also being able to be open minded.

My current commision and project status:
Projects: Ongoing, not looking for further projects at this point in time.
Commissions: Open, feel free to contact for quota.

There's a world to explore, and so many ways to explore it..

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