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Note: I do not own some of these images. They are simply things i draw inspiration from.

Feed of Recent Designs

My newest and current as of 2019 wallpaper for my own desktop. I feel like this turned out really well - and suits the darker and gritty themes i tend to enjoy

A little free commission i did as a present along with some techy stuff to one of my nephews, i wanted him to have a cool background for his computer! So i made one!

A commission for a good friend - i took one of his ideas for a wallpaper he wanted me to make, and i upgraded it- a lot, i think it turned out fantastic. 

I drew this, from another sketch of a character and i decided to turn it into some skeleton king of some sort. I absolutely adore it. Perhaps my new character.

A commission i did - basically i was sent the miniature version and i offered to redo it, with a lot more detail. And i think i did a pretty decent job.

Got inspired to make something "spooky". So i drew this little random thing by hand and gave it some neat effects, i like the result, although rough

I got so very inspired when i first learned of the meaning- how namaste is not only a greeting, but a blessing, a hope and trust - its a symbol of respect and affection, between all things, you and whom ever you greet.

An edit i made to a linux wallpaper, replacing the logo and cleaning up some pixel errors

A background for my computers with an internal joke, too complicated to explain! But cool on any level.