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25/5/2019 - Know that feeling when?

Do you know that feeling when you make a bunch of random things and get creative and you just cant stop ? Sometimes i feel like i have these intense spurts of random ideas and things i get awfully interested in. Like a week ago i was playing with a soldering iron and figuring out wattage and heat and teaching myself how to solder. Also re learning some html5 things that changed since html4.

Not a whole lot of new info on the unity project, been chilling and going to the beach and spending time with my doggo, family birthdays and special other time. 

Oh and if whom ever havent realized it yet; lucifer season 4 came out. Game of thrones final season came out and star trek: discovery season 2 finale as well. I just been catching up with things really. Anyway, i was just working on a redesign for a class - ttyl.

26/4/2019 - Somebody stop me!

I have been doing more things at once than i can count on one hand recently, working tirelessly on a new and exciting project. I been gardening, trimming hedges, planting new flowers, sowing seeds, all intermingled with hours of programming, i feel like i found an entirely new workflow, one with goals, which seems to work well for me, along with somehow recently i been finding an entirely new energy. And been taking a lot of steps to even further increase the quality of my own life at home. And also been taking more time to spend with my doggo, whos getting older, we have to enjoy what little time we have in this world, together! Remember that, please, you'll regret it otherwise.

Thats how the cookie crumbles.

16/2/2019 - What a time. 

Been doing a lot of things behind the scenes, and working on irl things. Sadly we didnt get a lot of snow this year.. Honestly rather disappointing, snow is such an interesting substance really

None the less im getting distracted, been taking about a week or two off, and i been catching up on things i feel was longing to be caught up up. Tv series too, you know i didnt expect to like sabrina, but it turned out more dark and gritty than i expected and honestly do find it rather good. Even if it started off with some .. Bad generic tropes of recent tv history. 

Oh and i saw ready player one, oh i have a lot to say about that movie- but lets keep it at: If you're a programmer/developer, please, watch it! While it appeals to gamers and people in general, it really does have a special message and feeling to watch as someone to works on these things out of affection for their projects!

3/12/2018 - Just a small update.

Finaly got around to updating the site's backend, some minor scripting - oh and its my birthday today, so yay me. But ill be honest, i dont even know how old i am any more. You ever get that feeling? Where you just, sit and you're like, i dont know if im my age + or - 1 year? They just kind of get lost i think

I also finished my work on a project, about to start on my next one. 

15/10/2018 - Started learning unity

So i recently been taking to learning unity, the c# version's custom syntax to get started on some projects down the pipeline. There's a lot to learn, but coming from straight up c++/java with opengl to an engine like this.. Oh so much less arbitrary work, i feel like this has made my workflow a lot easier.

17/9/2018 - Im an arteest.

Greetings folks. I have been doing a lot of art, recently, i been enjoying it. This update however will be quite short - i wanna upload some things i been making to my design site.

Maybe go check it out?

On a different note, i been continuing work on some projects, i just recently finished a batch, and been finding a flow to work on hobbies more. Maybe thats something you should consider too? Hobbies are key to finding something you truly enjoy doing, and maybe if you're lucky, that can become your work one day. 

6/8/2018 - Updated Site + Upgrading Server!

Just updated the site, and my new server should be under way within the next day or two- allowing me to re-up some of my currently down servers. Recently i been joining up with a team of talented people, in an effort to increase their efficiency, and help them redesign their engine, along with explaining the code and assisting in teaching said code to the current temporary programmer. 

So far so good, as we finaly are about to release the first chapter in this project. 

31/4/2018 - A hand in a time of need.

So recently i contacted a team, whom had been lost for about a year, unable to work on their new game engine for their project, i decided to take up the mantle beside my own projects as more of a.. Code advisor, since the current lead programmer was lacking in experience with actual object oriented languages, being i had a fondness for the project i decided to take this up and give them a lift. Helping them learn the code needed

This project is nsfw so i will not be sharing it on this blog. 

1/10/2017 - Keeping busy.

not much to update on, i been busy developing on projects outside of this site, irl and freelance stuff. - But i will give a little quote i heard someone say: There is only one way forward, that is a step at a time. 

I resonate with that a lot, you cant go around, to behind, take a shorter route, sit down and wait, you just have to keep on trekking and no matter the cost, no matter the weight on your shoulders, no matter whats keeping you down, ultimately - you have to take a step.

6/5/2017 - You know what i like?

Baking. I find that a lot of people see things like that as tedious, while they like the result - but to me it isnt the chest at the end of the dungeon, its the journey it took. And if you really take your time to -feel- what you're doing, to pay attention to the details, the emotions and feelings, nothing is as rewarding to me as putting a dough together, processing it, having to know and understand the processes, with so much room to explore and test your limits. At the end you know what you have made, you have journeyed through all of the steps, and there it is; Something wonderous. 

5/31/2017 - I make an entrance.

Hello pebbles. The site is up and ready for use. My own little world, so if you're interested in a piece of my mind, this is the place where it's going down.

Unsure what exactly i want to post here, but my current plans are as following
- Set up my servers and post their links here

- Update and upload my designs

- Finish up some "Secret" projects to be uploaded here.